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If you as an employer have ever been smitten by stress related diseases, you know the way back to work is often long and unpredictable. And it started with one person smitten by lack of energy showing itself as a psychosocial ill health. When the energy is finished the inner motor stops. For everyone

The consequences for the organisation are many and they do not bring anything good into the picture. Shame and guilt is awakened in the minds of all concerned, also the one turning ill. Often the whole organisation is shaken because “why did not anyone see this coming?”, “Why did not the manager do something?” and of course, unavoidable “Who will do the job now?” . And until a solution is in place, a lot of work has to be done and when the solution is finally there, it takes a while before it is working. With extra workload on the remaining colleagues this puts pressure on the organisation and the energy drain is enormous. A lot of productivity is lost. How can you get away from this? How to avoid it happening at all? No one in the organisation is untouched by this occurring.

The solution is Energitanken! With a sparring partner regularly visiting your workplace, experienced problems causing energy drain will be handled early, long before it actually causes real problems like illness. For example might unbalance in workload, unclear work descriptions and conflicts between colleagues be issues brought to a sparring partner. If the energy is running out, there is a possibility to regain it immediately. Your co-workers and managers can find the cause of the problem much faster and together form solutions and take action as soon as there is a need.

Health promotion is always the best!


No one is ever done developing. Especially at work, the surrounding changes demands continuous development. Also there is a necessity for a performance of high quality at all times. How can the energy lasts for all of this? It is not always so easy for your managers and co-workers to themselves see their strengths and talents, to dare try new methods or to remember how good they actually are. Many managers and co-workers are also unmotivated at work and this produces less energy and a less committed work effort. Sometimes it might even be hard for them to remember why they applied for this job. A job they were so happy for getting once upon a time. How will you get them to regain their work joy?

Your sales persons, so important for the business, might sometimes need support in daring doing the new pitch they really know would win the deal, but it is outside their comfort zone. And maybe they do not want to inform their manager about this perceived weakness. The managers might feel insecure before important but difficult meetings or negotiations, but do not want to tell you. Who wants to seem weak? Of course your organisation would be more successful if all this could be solved. But how?


The solution is Energitanken! With a sparring partner regularly visiting your workplace the staff can be sparred to a higher energy level, increased motivation and more dedicated and responsible efforts. This will enhance the whole organisations work joy and productivity. The managers will get that little extra support which makes their impact on the counterparty much stronger and more secure and the manager dares being clear. The co-workers have an independent part they can air their thoughts and ideas with. The sales persons are encouraged to take the unexpected step in the sales process to win the deal. And the energy level for everyone will be raised continuously!


We all know change causes a lot of stress and anxiety in an organisation. Especially when there has passed some time since the last “update” of the organisations processes and way of working. When the change is inevitable a lot of people feel insecure and will try to work against the change. You might need to bring in expensive specialists and consultants to help with the change. Is this possible to avoid? Yes, we think organic change, just like organic growth, is better for everyone. But how?

The solution is Energitanken! With a sparring partner regularly visiting your workplace the employees can be encouraged to, through a higher energy level, increased motivation and more dedicated and responsible efforts, continuously look at what can be done to raise the efficiency.  With higher self-esteem they will suggest changes themselves, which means the larger changes can be avoid. And if they have to happen anyway, the employees have self-confidence enough to not get worried. If they still do, the sparring partner is there to help them with their reactions. A change can start from within and the organic change is a fact!


Illness amongst managers and co-workers cost a lot of money in lost productivity and give bad-will to you employer brand. People who do not like their workplace and leave for other employers also cost a lot of time and money. To recruit a substitute, spend time analysing why the person left and how to prevent this from happening again, steals many valuable hours that could have been used for value added services to your customers instead. And it uses a lot of energy as well!  When your employees feel good and enjoy their job and their workplace the profit is raised since the productivity and efficiency can continue without disruptions. But how much? Please look at some examples here, or use Prevents tool Lönsam, to calculate exactly what this costs adds up to for you.

If your staff is unmotivated and unengaged, or not understand or see their own competence, the contribution to the organisation’s result will be much lower than if the opposite is the fact. A loaded organisation with a good work environment and pleased co-workers, who also dare challenge themselves sometimes, for sure gives a better contribution to the success of the organisation. Here both your costs and revenues are influenced in the right direction when the joint energy from the staff is high, positive and onward. How can your organisation get there?


The solution is Energitanken! With a sparring partner regularly visiting your workplace the organisation can get many different contributions that all creates a higher energy level. This reinforces your organisation and your employees and makes the work place more dynamic and successful. Everyone knows it is fun working in an environment full of positive energy where there is a flow. Your employees feel good and everyone is working towards the same goal and always goes the extra mile. Is this utopia? No, we, the sparring partners do not think so!



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