If you or a co-worker have ever been smitten and sick from a stress related disease, you know the way back to work is often long and unpredictable. The consequences smitten both the individual and the organisation in many ways: illness for the smitten, guilt and bad conscience for everyone concerned, questioning of the work environment and your / the management team’s leadership, more work load for the rest of the team, need for a substitute or consultant and so forth. Yes, the list is long and all the issues leads to a big energy drain in the whole organisation. And it started with one person smitten by lack of energy showing itself as a psychosocial ill health. When the energy is finished the inner motor stops. For everyone.

The unavoidable ”Who will do the job?” also puts pressure on you and your organisation. With a diagnosis of illness caused by stress it’s impossible to predict when the ill person can come back. You as the manager also have to solve the situation

How can you get away from this? How to avoid it happening at all? No one in the organisation is untouched by this occurring.

The solution is Energitanken! With a sparring partner regularly visiting your workplace, experienced problems causing energy drain will be handled early, long before it actually causes real problems like illness. For example might unbalance in workload, unclear work descriptions and conflicts with colleagues be issues brought to a sparring partner.

For you as manager there is someone totally independent with whom you can discuss whatever your concern and/or actual need is. You will get support and maybe new views on the subject.

Since your co-workers get the support they need to solve many problems themselves or give you the needed information for necessary actions, illnesses and real problems can be avoided.

All this saves and/or gives energy. Energy you and others can use to plan for onward actions and work that truly adds value to the organisation.

An old truth is you do not get it better than you make it for yourself. That is, you will not have a better work environment than the one you yourself contribute to. We are all our own and others work environment. But how can you change a company culture? And is it even worth the effort? It might feel as it cost too much of your energy. Often there is “the other ones” who always misunderstand, have a bad attitude, ducks away from work tasks. The ones you see as your energy thieves and who actually are real energy thieves for everyone. How do you handle them? Maybe you even feel you do not want to be here anymore, but cannot find another job. But is that really the truth? Impotence and frustration can be turned into motivation. But how?


The solution is Energitanken! With a sparring partner regularly at your workplace who can help you. With everything concerning your thoughts, your doubts and your will for development and change. And with your very important filling of new energy. There are so many things you can do to improve this situation yourself and you get practical tools from your sparring partner. Together you can form an action plan. Or maybe you just want to lighten your heart to someone who is totally independent. No one will know the subjects you are touching because the whole meeting is anonymous and everything you say stays between the two of you. If you want to raise something forward to the company’s attention, it is up to you. You will participate in forming the work site you deserve!

Reinforce and motivate manager and co-worker

Get a better work place

No one is so perfect that no further development is needed. If nothing else, the world is continuously demanding changes. This concerns both you and your co-workers. To have the will and strength to develop new skills, energy is needed. This energy gives engagement and motivation if it is used correctly. If you have too little available energy your development is not possible. All energy is used to just survive the day-to-day business. When there is no room left for anything except for what you need to do right here and right now. Then it is not easy for you to recognise your strengths, to dare try new methods or to remember how good you actually are.

Unfortunately, many co-workers are not motivated at their job and hence produce less energy and a less motivated work effort. Something that usually ends up in more work for you as the manager. Which in turn make it less fun to go to work for you since your job as being the manager becomes less fun. Sometimes it might even be difficult to remember what motivated you in the first place. And how happy you were when you accepted the job.

So how to find the original motivation and work joy during the days and weeks when it feels extra hard? If both you and your co-workers have a dip in energy and motivation you can use some help in regaining them. But how?


The solution is Energitanken! A sparring partner regularly visiting your workplace, promote and hearten you to a higher energy level, elevated motivation and a better self-esteem. A sparring partner encourages you to dare being more dedicated and have more fun at work. And give your co-workers the guts to finally dare taking those extra un-expected steps to find even better work processes and make your organisation more successful. Who promotes your co-corkers to dare admitting and telling you “it is a bit too much to do right now, so how do we solve it?”. Sometimes even a manager like you could use some help in getting new energy and new ideas and support before a difficult meeting or a negotiation. All of this makes life more fun for you as the manager!



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