Energitanken in Swedish means refuel energy or think about energy. And that is exactly what it is about. A way to regain energy but also a possibility to reflect on what consumes energy and what gives energy in your life.

Energitanken is also built on the presumption that all individuals in an organisation have different needs and different experiences, even though they work in the same work place. With an individual sparring partner when you need it, with exactly the help you need, a lifelong learning is secured, together with an instant effect. The result will be a fully loaded, productive and prosperous organisation.

The service Sparringpartner provides is in short

1. A subscription on the concept energitanken®. The agreement includes how many days per week and/or month the customer wants.

2. A login to an anonymous time-booking system for the customers’ employees.

3. A sparring partner visits the customers’ workplace. The meeting take place there.

4. The customers’ employees meet the sparring partner totally anonymous for 25 minutes.

5. No notes are made by the sparring partner but by the employees themselves.

How does it work from a practical perspective?

At an individual meeting, what we call sparring, the issue at hand for the employee is handled in various ways, depending on the subject. It might be a challenge, a need or whatever the employee are facing and feel a need to handle. The sparring partner meets the employee with 1) discussions 2) different tools,  and 3) personally connected strategies , which all gives support in the situation at hand. The tools given will together form a toolbox for future needs for the co-worker or manager. It is a kind of practical education raising psychological competence for every individual.

A 25-minute meeting might look like this:

1. XX book the scheduled meeting on the internet.

2. XX arrives to the room where the sparring partner is.

3. After a brief presentation XX tells what the cause for the meeting is. With this in mind the sparring partner work with XX in order to meet exactly what XX needs at this moment.

4. Notes are taken by XX and sometimes the meeting ends with an action from XX to take to reach a wanted result. Every meeting shall result in a course of action. Together with this action it might also result in a plan to reach a wanted result after more meetings. But the golden rule is that every meeting shall give the employee something to use in upcoming situations in the future. If the reason for the need is a boost before an important meeting, the meeting in itself is the result.

5. After the sparring the purpose is that XX experiences more possibilities for action and a higher level of energy.

6. Everything done aims to give a positive impact on both XX and the organisation.

Some examples of what energitanken® might strengthen and fortify in the individual:

• how to prevent and handle negative stress

• how the employees look at themselves and how they relate to situations / colleagues

• to actively choose way of thinking and way of relating to work and colleagues

• to find the will and objectives which leads to higher motivation, initiative and responsibility in themselves and others. 

• how to handle challenging persons

• self-confidence before important meetings and presentations

• self-esteem in work situations to get better results and a higher sense of security

• a courage to develop and believe in oneself and ones ability

• how to handle critics and how to give critics without being accusing

• a higher prosperous


All sparring partners use the same basis, with well established and evidence proved methods like ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, SDT - Self Determination Theory and Psychosynthesis.



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