Do you regularly sign maintenance and support agreements when investing in expensive, business critical machines and IT systems? Do you agree that the employees are your most important and business critical assets? No matter how you count on it, you will see that it will not be a cost for you as an organisation to use a sparring partner. The profits you make far exceed the costs you have right now from not using us. Read more...

Our concept energitanken® provides energy and sparring for managers as well as co-workers. You do not have to go anywhere, no time for relocation is needed and this makes the service more accessible to those who need and want to use it. Our sparring partners visit your organisation regularly and help restore or increase energy levels. Read more...



Energitanken is a concept that is about actively working with the energy levels in an organisation. We do this through individual sparring directly at the workplace. A high level of energy in individuals results in reduced sick leave, increased motivation, higher commitment and elevated job satisfaction. Our definition of energy is as follows:

"A force or factor that AFFECTS the strength of a behaviour as well as its direction. A car roll forward using its engine, and it needs fuel to work. Different people have different types of engines, depending, among other things, on personality and work role, and therefore need DIFFERENT types of fuel. "

Energitanken helps you and your organisation fill the fuel that maximises your energy level and motivation. With the right maintenance and support, your engine in terms of staff can be even stronger. High energy levels provide high efficiency. Therefore, we have created our concept energitanken®!

Do you want to work with health promotion in leadership and employeeship to create more energy and success in your organisation?

Do you think each and everyone at the workplace is an individual with its own different needs and perceptions?

Are energy, job satisfaction, motivation, dedication and health important to you?

Read more about how Energitanken can contribute to your business!

Do you want someone to help you support your employees with keeping the energy level high? Who supports you with your energy level? Who actually saves your energy and facilitates and promotes understanding and cooperation? Someone who is completely independent and whom you can exchange thoughts, ideas and concerns with? Who gives you management sparring when and where you need it? And also contributes to a work environment with a lot of energy and job satisfaction?

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Do you sometimes feel you lose your energy and dedication? Do you want your own sparring partner whom you can easily visit without losing any working hours? Who you can exchange thoughts, ideas and concerns with? Who can help you identify time thieves and make you daring enough to take the next step? Someone who is completely independent and just want you to be full of energy and your best work self?

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”Freedom is the will to be responsible for ourselves”

                    - Nietzsche


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