Peter Castenbäck, +46707-99 48 46

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Psychology, project manager at Berghs School of Communication, certified conversational coach in psychosynthesis at Humanova, NPL step 1.

  • I have worked as a project manager, event coordinator, sales coach, housing support, Spanish and English teacher, care assistant, mystery shopper and conference producer.

  • I am passionate about HOW people are motivated and WHAT they need to want to jump eagerly out of bed every morning.

I have always searched for my life's purpose. This search has perhaps given me the broadest CV in Sweden: teacher, conference producer, housing support, sales coach etc.

Five years ago, I found that purpose. It is to help others get insights that enable them to recognise who they really are, regardless of their roles. Without destructive defense mechanisms. It may sound pretentious but is nevertheless true to me.

I am curious and honest and meet people without prestige and with an analytical approach.

My driving force with Sparringpartner is to help people be honest to themselves and others and to really take full responsibility for their work life.

Ylva Nyhlén, +46707-99 49 69

My urge is to see motivated people creating productivity and efficiency with joy. When being motivated, life becomes fun. Since I love to have fun and create value, my belief is others do as well. Being in the right place, doing the right thing, give a lot of energy and makes us feel good.

Companies and organizations become successful when everyone working there are in their right position, feeling good and energetic. I want to be a part of creating a reality filled with these people in these organizations. A reality with tons of energy. That is why I started Sparringpartner together with Peter.

  • Degree of Bachelor in Business and Economics, Master of Science in Quality and Leadership Development, certified organisational consultant and coach in psychosynthesis with Humanova training.

  • Work experience invludes auditor at EY, job coach, operations manager, financial manager, quality manager, administration manager and my overall management experience is now more than 20 years.

  • Author of two books, Du – din egen lyckas smed and DU – din egen jobbcoach (available at wholeness.se).

  • Board member (vice chairman) of the Swedish Psychosynthesis Association.

  • I have previous experience from working with PDP in my HR role at Allied Motion Technology.


E-mail: info@sparringpartner.one

Phone: +46 - 707 - 99 48 46

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